March 23, 2009

LG Renoir J2ME Internet Radio Player

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Basically we can listen Radio in LG Renoir properly with help.

1st help. Headset

Before you can listen the radio, there is a massage says “Please attach the headset. The cord will act as antenna” . Well, if you have the headset, then you better do it. Otherwise you can’t listen to radio (in this case, local FM radio station)

I have the headset. Somehow, it avoid me to listen to the radio loudly and share it to friends around. It keeps the listen mode under the headset icon. It means, if people want to hear the radio from my LG Renoir. Then they supposed to get my headset.

So I chose another way to listen to Radio. Since LG Renoir Operating System based on JAVA. I try to get anything  based on JAR. The first thing cross on my mind is getjar dot com.

Well, try La Vella Mobile Radio Player and also MWEB Radio player doesnt give me the best results. I can get any sound in MWEB and I’m too lazy to subscribe by La Vella.

So I choose another J2ME radio player that can play internet streaming. It’s my 2nd help (as far, my biggest help, because I got unlimeted internet connectionon on my mobile)

So this is the 2nd help. Radio Bee

Amazingly, the install are quiet easy and fast. I just go to www.radiobee.com/rb.jad in my LG Renoir xhtml browser then the rest is fine.

After that, I try to get the newest  version they’ve got 1.56 and install in LG Renoir. Everything works fine also. Now I’m listening Spanish Rock Station with Radio Bee 1.56. (www.radiobee.com/rb156.jad)

KUDOS TO http://radiobee.com/ TEAM

p.s:  Be sure to read their FAQ.


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